Your health and safety are my priorities, so the following are applied for your protection.

On the recommendation of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturists (the CTCMA is the governing body for acupuncturists in BC) in conjunction with the BC government, additional safety protocols are in place due to Covid-19.

MASK POLICY April 2022

Dear patients,

Masks are RECOMMENDED in the clinic for patients of 12+ years old.

Additional protocols are in place and these will include but may not be limited to:

  • I will continue to wear a mask until further notice to ensure maximum patient safety.
  • Additional questions and screening of patients aimed at assessment of potential Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Please refer to BC CDC webpage for more information if you have been tested positive before to come to the clinic. BC CDC Self-Isolation and Self-Monitoring.
  • Additional sanitation of equipment, massage tables, physical structures such as taps, doorknobs, floors, etc.
  • Increased hand washing during and between patient treatments.
  • Increased care with laundry items.