About Rudy

Rudy Clemente graduated as Registered Acupuncturist after studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, Canada. 

Rudy is French, has been living in Canada for more than 10 years, and is fluent in English and French. His multi-cultural and interdisciplinary experiences bring a lot of perspectives on his view of human interactions as well as between modern and traditional therapeutic methods. 

 He is also the son of a chef and a strong believer that health comes from a proper diet and exercise. Passionate of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy, he centres his practice to deliver the most holistic treatments to his patients aligned with the TCM pillars of health: Movement, Diet, and Acupuncture. 

Rudy operates out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where he is finishing up his studies to become Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and enjoying the West Coast nature. As a never-ending amateur chef, on top of your consultation, he will be pleased to provide you with some of his recipes that are best suited for your conditions, with a twist of French flavor of course. 

Let’s build something together.